Most of our costumers arrive to the hotel with their own car or their company car and need to park their vehicles somewhere. Each guest has their particular need, so regarding your comfort and welfare, we have thought of these three options in order to make your stay in Barcelona as nice and pleasant as possible.


Our 90-place parking lot with video surveillance makes this parking lot an ideal place if you are looking forward to parking your vehicle for as long as your visit to the city lasts, whether it is for vacation or business. You will be able to sleep placidly in one of our rooms, and since our parking lot is so large and wide, you will always be able to find an available spot for your car. 


Owing to the fact that the hotel’s parking lot is located at barely 10 minutes from the airport, keeping your car parked there until you come back from your trip will be the best thing you can do. We will transfer you with our mini bus to the airport and we will pick you up from there when you come back. Please check the minibus’ timetable here.


Our priority is to offer a high-quality service to our customers, so if you are just looking forward to parking your vehicle without staying in the hotel you will be able to do so, as well as being transferred to the airport.


You can send us an email to reservas@hotelalfaaeropuerto.com or you can also call the following number: 933362564. We will give you a personalized budget. One day costs 10€, but if you leave your car for several days in a row you can obtain great discounts.

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